Mustang’s Ecoboost Takes the Edge in the Muscle Car Sales Race


Last year, the new generation of Ford Mustang launched, featuring the model’s first four-cylinder engine since 1993 (and we all remember what a horror-show that was).

However, the difference this time is that the four-banger is forced a shot of air via a turbocharger….and the Ecoboost model is a major contributor to the Mustang’s sales success.

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The 2016 Mustang is currently the best-selling muscle car in the US (replacing the Camaro’s title for the past 6 years), and the EcoBoost engine reportedly accounts for a significant number of those sales.

Don’t start thumbing your noses at the Bowtie boys too quickly Blue Oval fans, the new Camaro is only months away from dealerships. and will be offering a turbo-four of it’s own.  

Things could change very quickly.

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