Cherokee Haters, Prepare to Hate Some More


For those of you who were aghast when the Jeep Cherokee was introduced with it’s “interesting” frontend styling…  Don’t get your hopes up for a redesign that would put it more inline with the rest of the Jeep linup.

Mike Manley had the following to say to Automotive News (read more at the link below):

“I think the overall styling, the overall shape, the overall accommodation of that vehicle is spot on,” Jeep brand head Mike Manley said at Fiat Chrysler’s proving grounds here. “I don’t think that there’s anything that dramatically needs to change with that vehicle going forward.”

Jeep will keep Cherokee’s ‘spot on’ shape, styling


Can you blame him really?  The Cherokee prints money for Jeep just like the rest of the lineup. I’d be keeping that dorky looking, toothy grin on it as well as long as people kept throwing money at it.