BMW M Dumping Manuals? Say it Isn’t So!


Frank van Meel (BMW M CEO) has brought more credibility to the rumor that manual-equipped BMW M hi-po cars may be a thing of the past very shortly.

Friedrich Nitschke (the previous head of the M series of BMW cars) often spoke of switching to dual-clutch transmissions exclusively (Editors Note: as an owner of a DCT Focus, please don’t do it!)

van Meel said that the future “does not look bright for manual gearboxes”, highlighting the impressive shift speeds and fuel consumption figures of the brand’s seven-speed DCT and eight-speed torque-converter units.

Future BMW M Cars May Not Have Manuals


Honestly, if talk in public has gotten this far, than you know that manuals are already gone from development internally.

Another one bites the dust.