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Auto Shows Really DO Influence Car Buyers

Well here’s something that even I’m surprised at.  I always thought people went to auto shows to steal the shift knobs off of the vehicles on display (sorry, I’ve been to the Detroit Auto Show one too many

BMW M Dumping Manuals? Say it Isn’t So!

Frank van Meel (BMW M CEO) has brought more credibility to the rumor that manual-equipped BMW M hi-po cars may be a thing of the past very shortly. Friedrich Nitschke (the previous head of the M series of BMW

Cherokee Haters, Prepare to Hate Some More

For those of you who were aghast when the Jeep Cherokee was introduced with it’s “interesting” frontend styling…  Don’t get your hopes up for a redesign that would put it more inline with the rest of the Jeep

Chrysler Outsells Ford on the Retail Front

Here’s a headline I never thought I’d be writing.  Chrysler actually sold more retail vehicles than Ford in June.  Talk about a David and Goliath story. Hath Hell frozen over? Well, let’s dig a bit deeper.  Ford has